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Heiniger Home and Garden Care Home & Garden Care

Heiniger - Home & Garden Care is a part of the famous international Swiss-based Heiniger family group of companies.

The company is a manufacturer and supplier of Home & Garden Care and Animal Care products.

The original company was established in Australia in 1943 to treat by-products from carbonated water and was called Chemical Recovery.

FOCUS: Our focus is on modern organic and environmentally friendly home and garden products.

The Heiniger - Home & Garden Care headquarters, production, manufacturing and main Agsafe warehousing sites are located at Lonsdale, S.A. Heiniger support and warehousing facilities are located at Bibra Lake, Werstern Australia. Main lines cover household, laundry, plumbing and horticultural needs, which include organic and enviro-style products as well as garden and lawn products.


Heiniger Animal Care Animal Care

The animal identification range, which is produced in the state-of-the-art computerised factory in Lonsdale SA includes the CSIRO’s (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) famous scourable, APVMA-registered animal identification formulations.


Please find below our core business range of products:

Enviro Range - a comprehensive range of natural and organic products

Wormswork Nutriments - New generation 100% organic nutriments for soils & plants

Animal Care - world's largest supplier of Si-Ro-Mark the famous CSIRO developed animal identification product range

Home Care - a comprehensive range of laundry, plumbing and household products, including organics

Garden Care - our established, proven garden, lawn and horticulture product range

Grow Better - the premium potting mix, water retention, controlled release, fertiliser, organic and mulch garden range

Ausgro - an environmentally safe product range specializing in treating insects and fungus in gardens

AgriSense - a natural, non toxic, non pesticide home and garden pest range

Troforte Nutrient - the unique microbe coated mineral enriched slow release fertiliser



We are a local business, growing strongly with an exciting future.


Heiniger Home & Garden Care, Lonsdale, South Australia


Heiniger Offices, Worldwide:-



Perth Office, Bibra Lake, Western Australia


All of the Australian sites shown are ISO 9001:2008 accredited.