Troforte M - Microbe and Mineral Fertiliser Range

  • World first technology - there's no other product like it!
  • Over 15 years of research and development
  • Australian made
  • All microbes are Australian and cultured in Australia
  • All mineral compounds Australian made
  • Environment, river & reef safe
  • Natural barrier to many plant diseases
  • Grow plants and lawns the way nature intended by actually adding microbes to your soil and providing them with the food to survice and multiply
  • Just water it in!


wormswork - Unique wormswork pure liquid concentrate

  • Purified liquid concentrate naturally made from earth worms
  • A powerful concentrated formula
  • Rich in unique natural plant growth stimulants & essential nutrients
  • Fertile in natural living beneficial plant micro-organisms
  • Does not contain any artificial chemicals, fertilizers or animal waste
  • No odour - no pest attraction of insects, rodents & pets
  • Potent foliar & root absorption - accelerates plant growth & core strength
  • 100% organic - NASSA certified
  • 100% Australian ownded & manufactured