Minerals from the Earth
Rockdust loves soil. It nourishes and rebalances the soil with up to 100 minerals giving new life and enhancing the nutrients your plants digest.
Soil is its own living ecosystem, it has developed from geologic materials including as rocks, granite, limestone, and sediments.
The soil is what supplies all the water, nutrients and minerals essential for plant growth. So when a plant uses up all this goodness in the surrounding soil, it needs to be replaced.
Munash Rockdust is a natural mineral fertiliser, which replaces what has been removed from the soil. It recreates the natural process that occurs in the earth to restore soil to its proper level of health.


Available in 2kg, 3kg, 8kg, 10kg and 20kg bags


Minerals from the Sea
Munash Renew is a foliar application designed to deliver vital minerals and elements directly to the plant surface. Renew can also be applied to the soil and growing mediums in which your produce grows.
A regular application by spray bottle or watering can will supply your garden with a range of balanced macro and micro nutrients for plant health and vitality. Renew enables the plant and root growth to increase.  The underground ecosystem is also significantly enhanced.  Plant roots alone are sometimes incapable of taking up some ions, such as phosphate ions which are deminerialised in soils with a basic pH. 
This is why using Munash Rockdust on the soil first to get the minerals into the soil through a process called remineralisation.  Having a balanced source of minerals in your soil is the first step.  Then spraying Renew on your plant to start activate the fungi to do its job of drawing the minerals from Munash Rockdust faster and making them available to the plants the fungi is attached to.  To get true optimal soil and plant health, use Munash Rockdust and Munash Renew together. 


Available in 250ml



Recycled Organic Waste & Minerals
Our soil needs organic matter for bacteria and microbes to thrive. Throughout time our soils have also become depleted of rich organic matter along with significant mineral deficiencies.
Munash have been working over the last five years to develop a mineral rich organic compost, free of chemicals and pesticides to supply the soil and plants with the organic matter it deserves.
Munash Revitalize is our certified organic compost comprising of green and food waste. Munash Revitalize does not contain any pine bark, sand, plant fibres or fillers. Revitalize is a chemical free product that is totally natural, safe and organic which can be used in all parts of your garden.


Available in a 22L bag